Deb Munro has not only taught Voice Over and Acting for 12 years, but she was also a casting director for over 6 years.  Her combined training both on and off set and behind the camera allow her many eyes.  She has obtained extensive training in many areas and she doesn’t beat around the bush.  Be prepared.  She will tell it like it is so that you can be prepared for the road ahead.





Taking your Personality to the Big Screen

Day 1
Business of the Biz

What exactly are you selling?
Tools, training and costs
Walking in the room
Union vs Non-Union

Day 2
Monologue Auditions
-Work on a variety of on-camera commercials
-Voice Over Commercial

We will put your acting techniques to the test.  Discover new tools that will help you excel at your auditions.  Acting techniques that will allow you to just be yourself on camera and behind a microphone.  Show you how to sell your personality to the world, no matter WHO you are!

Day 3
Multiperson Performance

Put your new acting techniques to the test as we put you into a realistic casting.  Memorize your copy and work with other actors in the room as you bring your scenes to life.  There is more to learn than one would think of.  We will take your acting skills to even greater heights. Discover what the camera and your team need from you and how you can stand out among the rest.

You should walk away with a completely different approach to your audition techniques.  You will understand exactly what you are selling into the market place and have a clear direction of how to take control of your career and make this happen.

This is the time to renew.  2013 is the year of re-birth and part of that journey is recognizing that you may need the training to get you there.  Don’t make excuses, take your career into your hands, and do what it takes to stand up amongst the best.

Please bring in your headshots and resumes for evaluation.

On-Camera Coaching

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