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Finding a Voice Coach who truly cared about your results instead of your pocketbook isn’t easy.  As a voice talent for over 20 years and a previous casting director, Deb knows this first hand. A go-getter, Deb thought she was a natural at everything she took on, but when she entered the word of free-lance voice acting she discovered there was much more to learn, so she swallowed her ego and set out to work with some of the top coaches in Voice and Film today.

Having to break her broadcast and theatre habits, Deb soon discovered that with her training and previous casting experience she wasn’t afraid to tell actors exactly what they needed to do to succeed. 

Now, working as a Voice Coach for over 15 years, Deb Munro is a well respected name in the Voice Industry. One of the top coaching and talents in Canada, Deb specialized in online, private, and workshop training , marketing/branding and demo direction and production.

Deb is able to offer a unique training experience to all that want to learn from her honest critiquing. 

Deb gets right to the point so if you are looking for fluff and sugar coating, Deb is not for you.  If you want an honest coach, one that will tell it to you like it is, guide you in all the right directions and support you through your entire career, then Deb is the coach for you.

Deb believes that continuous training has been the key to her success and to this day she continues to work with coaches and mentors to stay on top of her game, stay current with todays trends, and to keep her skills at their best.  She is a full time voice talent, teacher, and life coach who still finds time to share her experience with others.

Working with success stories such as the voice of “Barbie”, “CarFox”, “Knowledge Network”, “Monster Trucks”, “My Little Pony”, “Mr. Young”, and so much more!

Each Session is individually tailored to your goals.

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