I am feeling a ton of human empathy this past while.  I thought this would be a perfect moment to tell you all to take advantage of this holiday season to find love for life.  The one thing I recognize in most human beings, is that they easily find the things to dislike about their lives.  Granted some have circumstances that are well beyond their control and are devastating, but life is a gift.  No matter how cliché you may find that statement, it’s true.  Once your life is over there is nothing left to celebrate or complain about, so why waste your time?

I am so grateful each and every day that I get to LOVE life.  I love what I do for a living – that someone will actually pay me to talk.  I love people and all their ups and downs.  I love and appreciate the nature, the animals and the time that I am given to enjoy.

For those that don’t know, my ultimate dream would be to become a talk show host.  I want to give the gift of loving life to the rest of the world.  I want them to see how I view the world and to care for one another.  So much is taken for granted.  I appreciate life so much I could never take another.  I can’t even kill a spider.  A mosquito (well maybe).  I am forever fascinated in how we all operate; that we are all each unique with different thoughts, ideas and desires.  I do my very best not to judge while so many others spend and waste their time judging and criticizing.

To me life is easy – you just have to take time to find what you love and quit wasting time on all the things you hate.  Negativity is easy to find, but yet I find positive thoughts much more rewarding to look for.  I am forever blessed with a good life and I appreciate every waking moment.  So today I would like to take time to celebrate you and your place in the world.  I want you to take time today to appreciate you too!  We all deserve love and happiness.  We all deserve to love life no matter how long or short and NO ONE has the right to take that privilege from us.

Whether you’ve had a good year or a bad, take time to find the things that make your life worth living.  No matter how hard – you will find some!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your world!  I am forever grateful and forever touched.  My best to you all now and over the coming season.


With Love, Respect and Admiration

VO Chef Deb