Continuing Education should never be out of reach, so Deb is pleased to announced the Frequent Diner Club, an affordable way to get the training you need and want.

The Full Meal Deal: Your choice of  previous webinars or  future webinars for $250 – that’s 10 Webinars for only $25 each saving you $149.50 vs the Pay As You Go Option

The Lighter Fare: choose six webinars of your choice at $175 –  That’s  six webinars  for only $29  each saving you $64.70 vs the Pay As You Go option.

Or you can stay on the Pay As You Go option for previous or future webinars at 39.95 each.

Remember that each webinar is two to three hours in length and Deb works HANDS ON with the attendees during every webinar.  Signed up for a webinar and can’t make it?  Don’t worry, you will get access to an audio or video recording after the event has taken place.  Here’s what you can expect on the menu for the remainder of the year:


April – Mastering the World of Pay 2 Play

  • How pay 2 play can work for you – no matter you level
  • Mastering your profile
  • Audition specs
  • Audition Techniques
  • When NOT to audition
  • which sites to avoid/join
  • Reading the clients mind
  • and so much more
Allow VO chef Deb to take you through a culinary of options in the world of Pay 2 Play.  Then work with her hands on as she takes each of you through the Pay 2 Play audition process.

May- Tweaking Your Instrument

  • Younger or older
  • Raspy or Smooth
  • High or low
  • Discover how to create different characters and styles by understanding your vocal instrument
  • Explore different techniques that will change your read and your booking ratio!
  • Placement
  • What you hear vs what THEY hear and more!
It’s time to really take your vocal instrument for a test drive.  Using a script of your choice, work with VO Chef Deb hands on – as she takes you on an elevator ride of characters and sounds that could change your delivery and take you to another level.  Great for ALL genres – not just character work!

June- Voice Assessment – Are You Ready To Record A Demo

Can’t make any money without one, but are you really ready?
Allow VO Chef Deb to direct your current live read!
  • Find out if you are ready
  • Which demo to pursue
  • How to obtain content for your demo
  • What to do next!
This is an incredible opportunity to be told realistically where you are in your career and offer you constructive advice as to where to take it next.

July- Dissecting Your Current Demo

Got a demo?  It’s time to let VO Chef Deb do some Dissecting!!
Warning:  She is one tough critic!
  • What makes a good demo
  • Were you ready for your demo
  • Find out if your demo is agent quality
  • What works or doesn’t work on your demo
  • What to do next with your demo
  • Possible agent referrals
It’s time to take your current demo for a test drive.  See if your demo passes the test, or if it’s time to go back to the drawing board?  Perhaps you need to know which demo to pursue next?  Small upgrade but not sure what to add?  VO Chef Deb will help you dissect your demo to ensure you have a demo that will get you work! It’s important to truly understand what a good demo or what a bad demo sounds like.  Will your demo make the Christmas Blooper Party or will it land you in the agents door?  Find out how!!

August – The Great Rate Debate

  • Where do you fit in on the rate scale?
  • building a customized rate sheet
  • Negotiating rates with clients
  • How to maintain industry standards based on your needs
  • Educating your clients to value your services

It’s always been a question for new and veteran talent  alike, “what do I charge?”  You don’t want to sell yourself short but you don’t want to overshoot the client’s budget either.  How do you stay competitive and realistic with your rates in today’s ever changing market?  Step into the Vo Kitchen and let Chef Deb help you whip up a recipe for success.

September- Finding Your Niche Market – Promo, Audiobook, Narration, Animation, Commercial? What is right for me

  • Read copy as VO Chef Deb helps you find your niche market:
  • Where does your voice style fit?
  • Understand your voice style as the rest of the world hears it
  • How to find work in each genre
  • Average rates to expect
  • What you need to pursue


October-Creating OUT OF THE BOX Characters

  • Digging deeper into your Rolodex of characters
  • Taking your character work even further
  • Creating ODD characters
  • Quirky Characters
  • Great for Commercials, Video Games, Animations and Audiobooks
  • Stretching the limits
  • (This one may get WEIRD)
Not meant for the shy!!! OR it might be just what you need to get yourself out of your own way and create characters that decision makers will remember.  Taking the ordinary and turning it into extraordinary.  Work on your favourite halloween character as VO Chef Deb takes your character to an entirely different level.  Discover how to do this with all your characters.

November- Men Vs Women

The Gender war is on – It’s a script competition you don’t want to miss!
  • Where do you fit in the equation
  • where is the industry heading
  • What to do if you’re a man
  • What to do if you’re a woman
  • Will it be a MAN or a Woman
  • Winner get’s one hour free session with VO Chef Deb (Value $125)

December- Building Your Business Plan and Client Base for 2014 – How do I find new clients, how do I keep them coming back and make goals for the New Year

  • Creating a realistic plan that suits your personality
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Homework assignments to generate work
  • Branding Ideas that will get you heard
  • Cover Letters
  • Pitching Clients
  • Understanding clients needs
This one may change they way you do business.  Just because you have a business degree, doesn’t mean you understand human nature.  There are many ways to create a business and lets face it, we are a bunch of chipmunks, guys next door, witches, storytelllers and more – there is nothing PROFESSIONAL about what we do – so find out the RIGHT way to sell yourself.  Create a REALISTIC plan that suits your business drive and your REAL personality.  After all – you are selling – YOU!
Well there you have it!  It’s time to order up!

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