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webinar with DEB MUNRO
Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Caution: Deb’s Voice Over Passion Is Contagious

Deb Munro is a voice talent, actor, instructor, producer, director, speaker and author … whose passion for voice over is contagious!

Based near Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Deb presents popular voice over training in major Canadian cities.
With many years of experience in broadcasting, animation freelance voicing and voice over coaching, she brings students a unique perspective.
Deb’s voice over work includes live announcing the 2009 Gemini Awards, major corporate projects, TV and game animation, and much more.

What Deb’s
Students Say

“Thanks for hosting the webinar with Deb Munro. I learned a lot and look forward to the recording. It was easily worth more than the $39 I invested.” – Paul Garner

“Congrats on a great webinar with Deb Munro. I took a lot of nuggets away … Glad I attended.” – George Zucco

“Deb will definitely get in your head and pull things out of you that you didn’t even know existed!” – Jeff Conwell

“Deb is honest. She’ll tell you the real deal – with your best interests at heart.” – Rob Young

“Deb has an uncanny way of listening – not
just to your vocal production, but also to your intention. Where it’s coming from. The source. She guides you in the right direction to take risks that you would never dare do with anyone else.”
– Jonathan Tilley



We hear this from voice over clients
and directors all the time:
“Can you take out the announcer?”
But what does the client really mean? It’s complicated. There are many levels to voicing the script. And the announcer style we hear on local radio just won’t cut it in the higher-paying commercial markets … or in other voice over genres (eLearning, narrations, audiobooks …).

So: How DO you take the announcer
out of your voice?

On Wednesday night, April 10, leading voice talent and trainer
Deb Munro tells how … and coaches 15 volunteers live (RSVP ASAP!) … in the new VoiceOverXtra webinar …

TV Announcer This webinar is the ticket for:
  • Current and former announcers
    who need to learn new habits
  • Working VO pro’s who still are told, “Take out the announcer”
  • VO newcomers who want to learn the right way from the start
And the first 15 people to register and volunteer for live coaching during the webinar will truly have a hands-on experience! (You’ll receive details upon registration.) There is much for all of us to learn while listening to others.

Uncover your bad habits and create new ones that will jump your voice over career to the next level. Click below  to RSVP now tuition is just $47, including a recording of the entire event.

Receive FREE Recording …
Your registration includes a full audio/visual recording
of the entire webinar, emailed to you the next day.

Webinar Time: Wednesday, April 10, 2013
9 pm Eastern … 8 pm Central …  6 pm Pacific

Tuition Only $47

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