Listen in on this Source Connect interview with programmer Rebekah Wilson, who, along with an incredible team of experts, created the program Source Connect back in 2005.

What started as a conversation at the dinner table, soon turned into a reality allowing voice talent to send or receive remote recording signals and bridges to ISDN connections, allowing you to record virtually from anywhere in the world via internet or intranet and never needing to refuse a client.

Source Connect is the perfect solution to a very expensive and seemingly fading technology of ISDN. Source Connect couldn’t have launched at a better time and is fast becoming a top solution for many voice talent needing remote recordings for clients. This online software fits into a tiny ILOK Key that you take with you on the go. A program and support team that work when you do.

Having used this program after an ISDN crash and worked with their incredible support team, this is a program I highly recommend if your work requires it. Their tech team are top notch and really know their stuff. They are very accommodating and helpful and are able to work with your system and get you running in no time.

This is such an affordable option compared to ISDN costs. There are still clients who prefer ISDN but finding access to studios who offer ISDN is a more affordable option. Source Connect is a one time fee, instead of monthly costs, expensive hardware, and long distance charges. You plug in your ILOK key, open up Source Connect and begin.

Hear it for yourself – click here

To order your copy of Source Connect – let them know we sent you and they will take good care of you.

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VO Chef Deb