Do you even know whom you might be connected to?

There is a fabulous workshop put on by Susan Lyons in L.A.  It’s all about utilizing the connections you already have.  In this incredible workshop you gather together and work in groups.  Your group helps you stay focused and checks up on you each week to make sure you are doing your homework.  Perhaps you want to make a movie or have a famous person star in your project or read your work.  Or perhaps you want to voice for Disney etc.  Between yourself, the instructors, and the rest of the members of your group, you will find ways to be able to find the connections you need to obtain results.

Many of us hold more power than we realize.  There are many people you know that know people that need voice talent – or whatever your particular goal might be.  I wonder how much effort you’ve put into your own group of connections.

Many of us feel that if we are telling our friends and loved ones what we do, that perhaps we are bragging.  They may be right, so you have to be careful in the way in which you do things.  We want to utilize our own network database to market to.  So you have to find a way to keep connected to everyone around you and let them know what you’re up to and what your needs are.
I think this is where many humans back off.  People want and expect things from people but many are too afraid to speak up enough to get them.  I have two daughters, one who won’t speak up enough and the other who speaks up too much.  (forgot to teach her tact).  Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but what I do know is that the one that isn’t afraid to voice and ask for what she wants – she gets nearly everything she wants in life.  The one who is more reserved about it and doesn’t want to bother people with her needs and wants usually gets the crappy end of the stick and doesn’t get her stuff accomplished.  Mainly because no one knows her needs.

I know my mom somewhat resents that I am not afraid to ask others for help or to express my needs, and I understand there has to be boundaries within that – but I get so much more accomplished than she does and I find she’s constantly getting ripped off.

Anyway – the point is that those that are around you all know someone who knows someone and there is a way to reach out to them to ask for help and let them know what your needs are so they can help you.  Don’t be too much of a bug but find a productive way to stay in touch.  Perhaps recording a sample of what you think might interest them.  For example many of your friends may know many corporate people so sending them a funny version of narration suiting to the type of industry’s you may possibly pitching to.  Or perhaps message on holds that your friends and family would want on their cells and home phones.  These message on holds can be great advertisements for you, or can offer a great starter way in to a company.

There are many other ways to connect to people and sell your wares without selling too much of your wares.

You can do this – you just have to get over your judgement that it’s not okay to do it.
Until next time everyone

All my best
VO Chef Deb