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Making It Work

Making It Work

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We are all faced with many obstacles in life.  Each one of us feels that our circumstances can hold us back.  Some of us are held back because we are standing in our own way, while others are faced with unfortunate situations that are seemingly out of their control.  Either way these circumstances are very serious to each one of us it affects.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and eliminate all of our circumstances but as we all know that just isn’t reality.  We all have to live through our trials and tribulations in order to grow and adapt to what our life’s’ journey has in store for us.

I want to share with you a couple of stories about two courageous woman who are working very hard to continue with their passions in circumstances most of us couldn’t survive.  Some of you may of heard about Nicole Nielsen. I will first share her story with you but I will also share some of the success that has resulted because of her story.  Nicole suffers from a rare series of conditions that have suddenly attacked her entire system.  Interestingly enough we met Nicole at a Double Divas workshop just before her trouble began.  If Nicole was suffering at that time, we had no idea, but it wasn’t shortly after sometime last year that we were told the news of her conditions.

Nicole stated:
“Parry Romberg disease (a “cancer” in that it destroys cells, bones and tissues – in me, through my forehead and brain, although they don’t know where it is in it’s process – it c/would start destroying through the entirety of my face and left side over time if something isn’t done quickly – the pain is intense with a swelling and pressure as it changes; pharmacology for autoimmune disease along with further therapies for the damage in the neck, spine and brain and nerves down the left side and into my foot.  Different medicinal approaches for the extreme pain of the severe trigeminal neuralgia explored.  Reconstructive surgeries for my forehead and whatever else might damage in the meantime.  Lots of dental and work through the jaw area…and plans for ENT (sinus) surgery as well for damage in that area…….

……There is no cure for either of these rare diseases, but I like to think now that I’ve always been and will always remain a one in 10,000,000. yay me. Overall though since January, and finding out what was happening and not being under piles of everything at once, and not knowing what was happening and having better support, I am doing so much better. I feel like i could do anything, be anything!!! My clarity about life and people and love and family is just so…so CLEAR!!”

Our best goes out to Nicole.  She has been working hard to maintain her passion and continue training and working on things that will get her closer to her dreams.  We are all monitoring her situation closely and know she has an incredible support team.  I want to send out a personal thank you to an INCREDIBLE man that most of you should be familiar with ‘Pat Fraley’.  Pat put an entire workshop together in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with all proceeds going to Nicole’s fund.  As well his generous contribution and efforts to put an incredible team of US doctors together for Nicole.  I don’t know all the details but what I do know Pat, is that you are incredible!

Another story I would like to share with you involves someone from the other side of our team, “The Agent”.  Ramona Rotar, a Calgary agent with Artist Elite Management has survived the unthinkable and is coming out successful on the other side.

Here is what Ramona explained to me, “……I loved acting but wasn’t able to continue after getting hit by a drunk driver in 2006. They almost killed my son and myself and my life changed forever. I could no longer remember a line, let alone 5 yrs of parts of my life. I decided to use my contacts as trade show hostess to book out other gals, thus I switched from actress to agent. Then 4 yrs ago decided to look for talent to create a roster as I found there was a need for a new agency in town. This is my passion. I love seeing and hearing peoples excitement when they nail an audition, or land a part, or even just get out in the background.  I love media and am committed.

Ramona’s story is incredible and she has survived so much more than described.  The point is this, we are all faced with many obstacles in our way, that is a given.  Life is not perfect and many things will interfere with your direction.  I truly believe as long as you can use your creativity or trust in someone to guide you (such as a life coach like myself, family member or friend) in the direction you need to be able to still love what you do.

I am so proud of these ladies and proud of each and every one of you who care enough to even read newsletters and articles such as these to help guide you in the direction you need.  I say this a lot…we all have a million reasons why not, it’s much harder to come of with the reasons of why….so reverse your thinking.  If these ladies can overcome the hurdles they have and despite the most DIRE of circumstances are still challenging themselves to grow and become…..then what is standing in your way?  Do you want this as bad as they do?

The reality is this…those of you who think you can just “make some extra bucks”, “have more fun at your job” or just coast on in like we once did in the VO industry….think again.  There are people like Nicole and Ramona, myself and more who live eat and breathe this industry.  You have to want the success and result and follow through as much as we do.  This is the ONLY key to succeeding this modern VO industry that we are in.  SO DO IT!  Quit making the excuses in EVERYTHING you do and start creating solutions.  Solutions pay way more!!!!

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