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Benefit To Help Nicole Nielsen

Benefit To Help Nicole Nielsen

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With the help of the incredible Pat Fraley – we are on a campaign to help one of our own in need.  Nicole Nielsen is one of Canada’s own and in the path of her pursuits into Voice Acting, was stricken with a disease that has taken a huge tole on her life.  You may have heard of Nicole already as this has been a long struggle, but I received this incredible email today and wanted to make sure you received it to.
This is a way to benefit your career and benefit one of our own at the same time. Anything you purchase from Pat Fraley’s downloadable products will go directly to Nicole.
Thank you, Pat, for allowing us such an opportunity.
I too would like to open up my product store and offer both my Creating Voices Downloadable Workshop and My Voice Biz Handbook and donate 100% of the proceeds to Nicole’s cause.
Please open up your education tool box.  Pat and I both have some much to share with you.  You can’t go wrong.  Nicole is forever blessed because of your journey and your generosity.  All Items listed below are in PDF format and will be delivered via E-mail.
Thank you for taking the time to care, everyone.

The Voice Biz Handbook
(2nd edition)
No voice talent should be without The VoiceBiz Handbook. Over 30 pages added to the
original informative 40 page handbook, VB includes current information that you need
to know to enhance your voiceover career. Marketing, demos, equipment, unions,
agents, casting, resources for work, where to send your demo, rates,
resources for training, engineers, equipment and more.
Benefit Price $25 

Creating Voices At Home Workshop
(Workbook only – This is Normally a Workshop)

No more excuses!  Can’t get to a workshop?Don’t know where to start?
Need thatextra boost? This amazing 90 page workbook was made with
you in mind. Exercises, what type of work is available, script analysis,
advanced character development, acting techniques, tips
and tricks and more.
Regularly $100
Benefit Price $50.00


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