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Deb Munro is a full time female voice over talent, coach, actor, host, producer and director, the MIC & ME Workshop Series offers a variety of intense workshop options and a unique perspective to the voice over industry; guiding you to the GLOBAL world of voice over with today’s’ needs in mind. Deb is known for her candid teachings, her generosity, her contagious passion for the industry and her ability to get more out of you than you’d ever thought possible.


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  • Deb "guides you in the right direction to take risks that you would never do you do with anybody else... just after the first session of six I noticed a difference and more quickly my clients noticed a difference."

    Jonathan Tilley

  • "I needed to be part of this voiceover business....Deb always pushed me to get my very best ... (she) is a top notch professional coach."

    Leah Lakustiak

  • “Performing for a microphone has been quite a challenge ... Deb has been that good coach for me ... helping me making that read come alive properly..."

    Tom Edwards